Our Mission Statement

To see the Word of God birthed in the hearts and lives of people to make abortion unnecessary and undesirable in our region.

A THOUSAND THANKS to our faithful donors for your continued devotion and financial support of the center.  Together we can and will make a difference! A donation to Banah is a sound investment in community development, and a sound pledge for the cause of Christ.


Meet Mrs. Mississippi 2019, Morgan Turner

Client Testimonies

I had no idea when I began the Bible study Surrendering the Secret that I would have the healing that I did at the end of the journey. When I became a Christ follower in 2005 it wasn’t long that I began to understand that I was forgiven for my choice to have an abortion when I was a teenager. I experienced some healing but I felt stuck in the decision I had made but knew I wanted to try and make a difference in the lives of other women who had also made the same choice I had. However, I didn’t know how to tell others or how I could make a difference. Then someone told me about Surrendering The Secret and I knew I needed to see if I could grow, heal and help. I am so amazed at the process of this study and how it has helped me find peace, healing, forgiveness and also to grieve the loss of my baby. Up to the time I began the study I knew I was forgiven & I was so remorseful for what I had done but I had never grieved for my baby. And I sure didn’t openly tell others. The secret of my abortion had kept me from being me... kept me from being honest. Afraid that it might slip, or if others found out then I would be looked down on. I am so grateful to have completed this study and know, that as a daughter of The King, God Most High that I am not only forgiven but redeemed... from the ashes I am made new and I am loved by the One who matters the most!
— Amy Oates | Belden, MS